Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

The "Russian Electromechanics" journal aims at prompt and reliable distribution of information on scientific researches in electrical engineering, electromechanics and electric power industry carried out by the scientists and specialists on the territory of Russia, CIS and far abroad countries.

"Russian Electromechanics" journal’s editorial policy

is closely related to the ethics of science and technology and is based on traditional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals, formed with regard to the standards of editorial ethics, enshrined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers, developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). In the process of publishing the Journal’s editorial board adheres to the international rules of copyright protection, by existing legislation of the Russian Federation and by international publishing standards.

The editor is responsible for the quality of the published scientific articles. When submitting the article for publication, the editor is guided by the authenticity of the presented information and its scientific significance, evaluates the intellectual content of the manuscripts regardless of race, sex, religion, origin, nationality, social status or political affiliation of the authors. The editor keeps confidential information and ideas presented in the article, does not use them for personal gain. The editor does not allow information to be published, if there is a sufficient reason to believe that it is plagiarism.

Editorial ethics provides a fair and impartial review process, independent of commercial interests and market needs. The editor sends an article for review to the specialist, doctor or candidate of science, who has the closest scientific specialization to the topic of the article. Information on the reviewer is confidential.

The reviewer performing a scientific expertise of copyright materials is guided by the following principles: regards an article as a confidential document, provides an objective and reasoned assessment of research results, does not use unpublished manuscripts for personal gain, and does not give personal criticism of the author. The reviewer must notify the conflict of interest with the author of the peer-reviewed article, if it takes place.

In return, the authors while submitting their works for publication into the journal "Russian Electromechanics" must confirm that the articles are original and have not been previously published elsewhere, as well as to ensure that all potential conflicts of interest connected with copyright and publication of articles have been settled. In accordance with the editorial policy of the journal the verbatim copying of a large amount of another author's work without stating the authorship, the reference and the quotation marks and self-plagiarism are inadmissible.

For the convenience of dissemination and implementation of policies of use of the materials, the authors convey to the publisher the non-exclusive ownership of the manuscript by signing a license agreement (sample: dogovor.doc).

The decision for publication is made by the Editorial Board on the basis of the expert’s review. The receipt date will be recorded as the date the complete manuscript is received by the Editor’s office in accordance with the reviewers’ recommendations.