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Russian Electromechanics

Born on November 4, 1930 in the city of Harbin in the family working.

In 1950 I graduated from the Taganrog Construction College, in 1955 – Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute.

In 1963 I defended the master's thesis, in 1973 – the doctoral dissertation on a subject: "Mathematical simulation of wave processes in windings of power transformers". In 1976 to it the academic status of professor, in 1987 – the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation is given. In 1994 professor Yu. Bakhvalov is elected the full member of the International Academy of Sciences of the Higher School, in 1996 – the full member of Academy of Transport of the Russian Federation, and 2003 – the corresponding member of Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation.

Professor Yu. Bakhvalov made an essential contribution to development of the priority scientific direction "Mathematical Simulation in Science and Technique". Under its manual the school of sciences on development of systems of computer simulation of electromechanical and electrical power devices and complexes, in particular in systems of electrical pull and a magnetic suspension of transport systems of new generation successfully develops in YuRGPU (NPI). The irregular and infinite elements are offered them, effective original algorithms of implementation of methods of terminal and edge elements are developed for calculation of an electromagnetic field, and conditions of invariance of electric fields are formulated and proved.

Yu. Bakhvalov realizes the scientific activities in close connection with branch science and production. Results of its researches are recognized and are widely used in practice.

They are made and implemented research works on the instructions of the All-Union Institute of Transformer, Zaporozhye Transformer Plant, the All-Russian Institute of Electric Locomotive, Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. The results of his research have been used in enterprises in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Germany.

Yu. Bakhvalov – the author more than 200 scientific operations, including 7 monographs. Has 12 copyright certificates and patents for the invention. Under the leadership of Yu.A. Bakhvalov 34 candidates of science are prepared; he was the consultant for 6 defended doctoral dissertations. He is a member of three doctoral councils.

More than 55 years of Yu. Bakhvalov actively working in the journal "Russian Electromechanics". Since 1959 Yu. Bakhvalov – the author and the reviewer of log, since 1973 – the associate editor, since 1980 – the deputy chief editor, and since 1993 – the editor-in-chief.