Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

  1. An article prepared in accordance with submission guidelines is sent for the peer review procedure to one / two specialists: doctor or candidate of science, who has the closest scientific specialization to the topic of the article.
  2. The peer review period must be no more than a month since the reviewer receives the manuscript.
  3. The peer review content requirements:

   - relevance of the problems to be solved;

   - novelty and adequacy of the proposed methods for problem solving;

   - degree of scientific novelty of the results;

   - degree of practical significance of the results;

   - presentation style and literacy;

   - granularity of the article.

  4. The reviewer should provide a guidance to the author and the editors how to improve the manuscript. The reviewer’s comments and suggestions should be objective and principled.

  5. The final part of the review should contain a well-founded conclusion of the manuscript as a whole and a clear recommendation about the advisability of its publication in the journal, its improvements or inability (inappropriate) of publication.

  6. The Editorial Board makes the final decision on publication of an article within two weeks of receipt of the review.

  7. The reasoned decision of the Editorial Board is presented to the authors of the article within a week after it has been made.

  8. Authors are given a copy of the peer review with a suggestion to consider the comments in the preparation of a new version of an article or to present arguments to refute them. Modified (improved) article by the authors is resent for the peer review.

  9. The Editorial Board send copies of the review to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation after a corresponding inquiry.

  10. The reviews are kept by the publishing house and the editorial office for 5 years.