Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

The abstract by the authors (annotation) is a brief resume of the full article. It can be published separately from basic text and hence should be clear without reference to the original article.

The recommended size of annotation is about 120—250 words.

The annotation should include the following aspects of the content of the article:

  • subject, topic and object of the article;
  • methods or methodology of the work;
  • results of the work;
  • sphere of application of the results of work;
  • conclusion.

The annotation should contain the scientific content of the article, information about the problem under solution, methods of solution, results and conclusion. It shouldn’t have figures, formulae, bibliography and sources of financing as well as references. Diagrams, formulae, charts, figures, schemes are not accepted.

The text of annotations should use the syntax of scientific and technical documents, complex grammatical structures are unacceptable.

The author should present annotation in English as well. Terminology in the English version should be peculiar to foreign technical documentation. It is advisable to omit terminology which is the equivalent of the Russian terms. It is necessary to maintain the unity of terminology within annotation.