Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2016; 4: 106-108


Investigation of Method Single-Wire Transmission with Tesla Coils

A.S. Rutskoi, M.V. Moiseev

Andrey S. Rutskoi, Manager group of electromachine tehnology, Post-graduate student. E-mail:

Mihail V. Moiseev, Post-graduate student, E-mail:



The article describes the features of the wave power lines on the basis of Tesla coils. This system is a wave, and its mode of operation is characterized by a phase shift between current and voltage by 90 ° in time and space. When the voltage across the line is maximum, the current is zero, and vice versa. Spatial shift is expressed in that in sections of the line with the voltage antinodes observed current nodes, and the nodes of the voltage observed at current antinodes. The possibility of use on the transmitting and receiving sides of the half-wave resonant Tesla transformer, thereby making it possible to transmition electric power over a single wire in system insulated from the Earth.


Keywords: single line system, Tesla’s transformer, resonance method of transmission, resonance.


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