Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 63-67


Integrated approach to optimal design of induction heating installations

L.S. Zimin, A.S. Egiazaryan

L.S. Zimin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, the Honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, head of department «Electrical Supply of the Industrial Enterprises», Samara State Technical University. E-mail:

A.S. Egiazaryan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior lecturer, Samara State Technical University. E-mail:



Currently there is a tendency of the induction heaters’ park growth for the workpieces heating of different metals with currents of industrial and increased frequency. This paper presents possible approaches to the optimization of the design process of induction heating installations. It considers a systematic approach to the design and operation of induction heating installations (IHI). A distinctive feature of this approach is that the temperature of the heating of the metal in industrial complexes "induction heating - deformation" is not fixed in advance, but is determined in accordance with the maximization or minimization of the total economic performance of the process of heating and deformation. It is indicated that really energy-efficient technological complex "IHI - Metal Forming (MF)" can be designed only with regard to its power supply system (PSS). Thus the task of designing systems of induction-heating is to provide, together with the power supply system and forming equipment, the minimum energy costs for the metal retreating. The decisive role of the temperature factor allows describing "IHI-PSS" complex by the behavior of the temperature field of the treated metal at appropriate stages of the process. The article deals with the design parameters and the CAD IHI principles.


Keywords: induction heating, optimization, criteria, constraints, deformation


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