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Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 84-86


Choice of batteries for jump starters

V.F. Yakovlev

V.F. Yakovlev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor, department «Theoretic Electro Technology», Samara State Technical University. E-mail:



Cold or discharged vehicle battery increases internal electric resistance. Excessive resistance current limits in a starter circuit, makes starter motor cranks slowly and the engine won’t start-up. Jump starter is supposed to increase the current in a starter circuit; it is a charged battery in a portable case connected in parallel to the battery of a vehicle. The article proposes to choose the battery for the jump starter by the value of cold cranking amperes in order to compensate the increase of the internal electric resistance of a vehicle battery because of cold and discharge. It has been proved that if an internal electric resistance of a vehicle battery increases because of cold and discharge in k times, it will be possible to use a battery with the value of cold cranking amperes in k/(k∙- 1) times less then of a vehicle battery in a jump starter.


Keywords: automotive starter battery, cranking, jump starters


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