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Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 17-21


System structure for automated design of ac converter-fed electrical machines with expert subsystem

V.E. Vereshagin, S.S. Vereshagina

V.E. Vereshagin, Senior lecturer, department «Electromecanics and Nonconventional Power», Samara State Technical University. E-mail:

S.S. Vereshagina, Post-graduate student, Assistant, department «Automated machine and tool systems», Samara State Technical University. E-mail:



Computer-aided design (CAD) and the study of ac converter-fed motor-generator system are considered in this article. The structure of the system with multiple subsystems (controlling, methodical, mathematical, programming and informational) is described, the purpose of which being considered according to functional features. Each subsystem solves in finished form a group of independent problems of automated and semi-automated design based on expert abilities taking into account automated or semi-automated mode. The structure of programmed realization of multicriterial search has modal character and consists of one controlling (project file) and twelve working models. Information supply of the system include local data bases of each module, made in the form of *.dll library. The structure and the ability of CAD allow to use it in the study process as independent elements using known tools (Mathcad, Matlab (Simulink), Femlab, Ansys, Delphi), basic elements have been tested at practical training. To accumulate and use got knowledge in scientific  technological direction workings out is applied the developed expert subsystem (system of expert evaluations and algorithms of decision-making).


Keywords: Mathcad, Delphi, ac converter-fed motor-generator system, expert subsystem, expert


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