Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 32-34


Electromagnetic compatibility of car voltage generator

P.A. Nikolaev, S.V. Petrovski

P.A. Nikolaev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor department «Electric Stations» Samara State Technical University. E-mail:

S.V. Petrovski, Leading engineer, department «Electric Stations» Samara State Technical University.



The article highlights the problems of electromagnetic compatibility of modern voltage generators used in cars of domestic production. The urgency of the problem of stability of automotive power sources to external electromagnetic influences has been revealed. The infringement of working capacity of the generators under the influence of external electromagnetic radiation has been investigated. Causal relationship leading to malfunction of the automotive alternator voltage has been shown. Possible disruption of the automotive alternator voltage has been analyzed. It has been established that the output voltage when exposed to electromagnetic interference, may exceed one and a half times the nominal. Any problem arising in the car’s electrical systems has been diagnosed arising with failures in the automobile voltage generator, which is a consequence of the influence of external electromagnetic radiation. Recommendations on ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of motor generator, effectively allowing improving its robustness have been given.


Keywords: car, electromagnetic compatibility, voltage generator, electromagnetic interference, failure.


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