Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 76-79


Optimal spacial power distribution control along the two-frequency induction heater

A.I. Danilushkin, A.P. Mostovoy

A.I. Danilushkin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor department «Electrosupply of the Industrial Enterprises», Samara State Technical University. Ph. 24-23-690. E-mail:,

A.P. Mostovoy, Post-graduate student, department «Electrosupply of the industrial enterprises», Samara State Technical University. Ph. 24-23-690. E-mail:



The paper considers the problem of optimal design for two-frequency induction heater on the basis of a numerical model of interrelated electromagnetic and thermal processes, which allows to calculate the two-dimensional temperature field at heating of ferromagnetic materials to the plastic deformation temperature in steady-state and transient operation modes. The calculation method of the electrothermal problem for a two-frequency induction heater is based on the solution of a nonlinear interconnected system of Maxwell and Fourier equations for electromagnetic and thermal fields respectively, with corresponding boundary conditions. The task of minimizing the length of the induction heater has been solved by taking into account some of the design and operating factors with power and technological restrictions in power supplies and technology. Maximum heating temperature, the temperature difference in the volume of products, the intensity of heating and specific surface power of internal heat sources have been considered as restrictions. An algorithm for consistent solution of the optimization problem with the improvement of the required indicators on each iteration has been developed to search the optimal power distribution along the length of the induction heater. The resulting calculation of the minimum total length of the heater provides fast isothermal heating


Keywords: optimization, mathematical model, induction heating, the sources of heat, temperature.


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