Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 80-83


Rotary table electric drive

V.E. Lysov, M.V. Khorenko

V.E. Lysov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, department «Electric Drive and Industrial Automation», Samara State Technical University.

M.V. Khorenko, Chef Engeneer of Provimi-Samara.



The paper deals with the electric drive of the rotary table made in the form of the mechatronic module. The offered design of a rotary table completely excludes backlash in a kinematic chain drive transmission from the electric motor to the faceplate that promotes synthesis of the automatic control system of the faceplate with high dynamic rates of quality. However in the course of performance the offered design allocates heat in stator windings that leads to temperature deformations of the faceplate that is inadmissible for rotary tables of especially high precision. In this regard the declared fidelity of the predetermined path of movement and positioning of the faceplate is provided with compensation of thermodeformations by introduction of an additional automatic control system of the executive electric motor cooling. The paper reveals experimental data on the size of thermal deformations. It provides the block diagram of automatic control system of thermodeformations removal, its model and results of modeling.


Keywords: tric drive, rotary table, faceplate, mechatronic module, thermodeformations


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