Scientific and Technical Journal

Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 47-51


Electrical machines of high energy-efficiency with the compact winding front parts

P.Ju. Grachev, E.E. Gorbachev, D.V. Makarov

P.Ju. Grachev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate professor, department «Theoretical and General Electrical Engineers», Samara State Technical University. Ph. (846)334-80-69. E-mail:

E.E. Gorbachev, Post-graduate student, department «Theoretical and General Electrical Engineers», Samara State Technical University. Ph. (846)337-09-37.

D.V. Makarov, Post-graduate student, department «Theoretical and General Electrical Engineers», Samara State Technical University. Ph. (846)337-09-37. E-mail: amen07@



The article considers one variant for solving an actual problem of designing electrical machines with high energy-efficiency to produce competitive electro technical output and to replace the import, including innovative technologies. The results of design decision and calculation problems for the electrical machines with compact winding front parts that essentially reduce electric losses and materials consumption of these machines are given. A patent for inventions protects the technical decisions offered by authors considered in the given article. The theoretical justification of the offered calculation method of electric machines with compact windings, providing the account of non-uniform distribution of a current density in conductors near to reduced cross-section sites is given. Design features and application of electrical machines with the offered compact windings are considered.


Keywords: high energy-efficiency, electrical machine, a winding of stator, conductors of variable cross-section, front parts of winding.


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