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Russian Electromechanics

Russian Electromechanics. 2014; 5: 44-46


Losses and the dc motor torque with gate - mechanical switching

E.T. Galyan

E.T. Galyan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor, Samara State Technical University. Ph. 8 (846) 242-19-39. E-mail:



The DC motors find wide application in industrial mechanisms where there is a necessity for a wide range of the engine’s rotation frequency change. However, sparking in the brush contact limits the sphere of their application. It has been shown that to decrease sparking degree various researches are being conducted, methods of an objective estimation of switching and its adjustment, in particular, have been highlighted. The influence of increased number of collector plates on sparking and on the input of additional resistance into the break between sections and collector plates has been studied. The saved up experience of studying switching process, and the development of semi-conductor engineering have prepared the ground for the occurrence of DC machines using in switching circuits of semi-conductor devices and creation of DC motors with gate-mechanical switching. The article considers the influence of the established electromagnetic processes in DC motors with gate -mechanical switching on losses and the torque, caused by ac components on windings because of the discrete sections switching of an armature windings by semi-conductor devices. The account technique of this influence at calculation of losses and the torque has been offered.


Keywords: DC motor torques with gate-mechanical switching, pulsation losses, torque, electromagnetic processes, discrete sections switching.


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